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Fuel Cells Canada works to educate North Americans on the latest news and updates in energy use and energy efficiency. From innovations in the oil and gas sector, to new methods of extending the battery life on your cellphone, to ways to reduce energy use in your home – we are here to get you to rethink the way you see energy.

At Fuel Cells Canada, we are passionate about new energy technologies and emerging innovations. We strive to provide updates on industry news and ways to improve energy efficiency in everyday life.


Did You Know…

Energy in Canada


  • Heating and cooling costs account for 50% of home energy usage?
  • Lighting accounts for 20% of home energy usage?
  • Using energy features can save $70/year per device?
  • Poorly insulated windows account for 25% of heat loss?
  • 30 days of a dripping faucet could fill 16 bathtubs?
  • ENERGY STAR products save energy by up to 75%?


  • Canada is the 7th largest producer of renewable energy globally?
  • The energy sector contributes more than $109 billion to the Canadian economy?

Despite having a small relatively small population on a global scale, Canada has some of the highest energy consumption levels in the world. According to the World Bank, Canadians have the highest energy use per capita in the globe, ahead of the United States and Australia. We are also one of the largest producers of energy, including crude oil, natural gas, coal, hydro, nuclear, wind, and tidal. This combination of usage and production makes Canada uniquely poised as energy continues to be the hot button topic of the 20th century.

Energy is the lifeblood and bedrock of Canadian society. From the oil sands in Alberta to the hydro dams along our waterways to offshore natural gas deposits on the Atlantic coast, we harness and product energy like few other countries on earth. Energy powers our society, from heating our homes to connecting our telecommunications networks to saving lives in hospitals. The energy sector is at the heart of our economy, and we believe it’s worth talking about.

At Fuel Cells Canada, we want to start the conversation about energy and its connection to our national economy and everyday life alike. We believe in a shared space where we can talk about a new crude oil discovery or innovation in wind tech, at the same time we’re having a conversation about how to winterize your home or the pros and cons of a hybrid vehicle. If it has to do with energy, we want to talk about it.

Renewable Energy

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