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Benefits of Good Air Quality in the Office Environment


When you stop to think about just how much time you spend in the office on average, it makes you realize how important it is to have good air quality indoors. That includes having comfortable temperature and humidity levels that won’t provoke or exacerbate any issues with health, especially when you’re working in a confined environment that you must share with others on a frequent basis. In addition to health issues, poor indoor air quality can in turn, lead to absenteeism and lower productivity at work. Thus, good air quality is a crucial component in the workplace.

Here are just a few added benefits that good air quality can have in an office environment.


The humidity levels in an office are crucial for maintaining optimal conditions for good health. When an environment becomes excessively dry, it not only causes discomfort, it also provides an optimal environment for airborne viruses to thrive and spread. Correct levels of humidity, between the range of 40-60% RH, reduces the growth of bacteria along with the transmission of viruses, such as influenza. Conversely, deviating beyond 60% RH can also cause the air to become too moist, which can exacerbate the presence of allergens, fungi and mites. This is why achieving that sweet spot between 40-60% is so important.


It’s important to feel comfortable in your workplace and the air quality plays a significant role in this. Having a space that is consistently shared with many others already provides an environment that is easily prone to viruses and germs that can spread very easily, making it a very uncomfortable place to be. So having humidity levels in the correct range is essential to reduce as much discomfort, as well as the potential for ailments and bacteria to thrive.


Of course, when your employees feel comfortable in the place that they work, they can better focus on their tasks at hand. Good air quality means less bacteria and viruses, which means less absenteeism and more productivity for the business. When employees have to suffer with allergies, asthma and the flu, it can trickle down and effect the entire business operation.

The air quality at work – and more specifically, the humidity levels maintained in your indoor environment – are something that you don’t often think about. But when you realize how much they can impact employees and productivity, you realize how vital this truly is. Don’t let something as simple as air quality negatively impact the productivity and efficiency of your workplace.

Ensure that your office has the best line of defense against ailments in the office by having a commercial humidification system installed. It can improve humidity control, health and overall productivity in the office.

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