Energy Efficiency

How can my business become more energy-efficient?

Any business hopes to minimize expenses and maximize profits. However, a lack of energy efficiency is akin to operating a ship without a rudder. By making green changes that increase your business’ energy efficiency, it will be easier to save money and be more cost effective.

Shut Off Equipment

At the end of a workday, go through your business and ensure that everything is shut off. Computers, printers, fax machines, scanners, photocopiers, and other electronic equipment will continue to consume energy on a 24/7 basis unless if powered off — even with screensavers. If you must leave specific systems on, then be sure to activate sleep mode. This function, when initialized 15 minutes after inactivity, uses at least 70% less energy than regular operational mode, and can make a tremendous difference in lowering energy bills. Also, unplug all phone and mobile device chargers when not in use, as they still convert and waste energy when not plugged into a device.

Cut Back on Travel

Many business employees and owners need to attend meetings or speak with clients. However, even though travel occurs outside a business, it still contributes towards how energy efficient your operation is. If at all possible, consider opting for modernizing your meetings by setting up video conferencing. The minimized travel expenses will help to lower fuel and energy costs, more so if your business has multiple meetings on a weekly basis.

Upgrade Lighting Systems

By leaving lights on throughout your business, your energy bills will never shrink. Take action and encourage staff to switch off lights in unoccupied areas and at the end of every day. If you can afford to install motion sensors in washrooms and hallways, they will do the work for you in ensuring that lights are only turned on when needed by someone. Also, replacing bulbs with LEDs or other more energy efficient varieties will enhance the effectiveness of these cost-saving measures.

Minimize Heating and Upgrade to ENERGY STAR® Products

Additionally, reducing your heating temperature by even 1 degree (Celsius) can lower your heating bill by as much as 10%. If your system is antiquated and consuming more electricity than is necessary, act quickly and upgrade to an ENERGY STAR® certified heating system that will only consume the amount of energy that is needed. Combined, these two measures will drastically reduce your expenses over time. Upgrading to similarly certified electronic products throughout your business would help you save even more, also.

Operating a business is no easy thing to do. However, you can make it easier on yourself and your employees by implementing a few energy efficient habits and upgrades that will help to lower costs and keep you in the black. Apply eco-friendliness to your working environment and reap the rewards.

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