We work hard to minimize our environmental footprint, and there’s no denying that massive progress has been made. However, environmental services adapting energy efficient practices are key to continuing to make headway in our fight against climate change.

Natural Airflow

Touched on in the Commercial Services section, cutting down on air conditioning usage and opting for natural airflow to cool interiors will hugely benefit our carbon footprint and conserve energy. For example, cleaning services can benefit from increased ventilation and airflow in the form of odours or vapours not collecting in rooms to create toxic or hazardous circumstances.

Hardware and Software Upgrades

Replacing servers, computer systems, analytic tools, communications systems, and cleaning equipment to ENERGY STAR® products or those with a similar environmental rating can drastically negate energy consumption, allowing for environmental services to reduce their bills and allow for unused energy to be diverted to other locations.

Utilizing digital applications that better control energy consumption and only instruct equipment to use what’s necessary is another step we can take to make our tools and services provide equally efficient functions without sacrificing quality. In fact, updated systems, equipment, and applications are easier to use than ever, and are far more practical to operate.                                         

Disposal Modernization

Disposal services such as landfills, incinerators, and garbage dumps are not only wasteful, but also impractical. Repurposing disposed items via collection services where applicable is more efficient, as fewer vehicles will be on the road if there is a scheduled pick-up service in operation. Recycling plants are ideal solutions as well in this regard, and as a bonus, collection services such as the latter minimize waste and donate what they can back to local charitable organizations to those in need. This minimizes overall energy consumption through the repurposing of items.

For more information about energy efficiency, consult our blog.