Home Efficiency

Energy efficiency matters. For one, improving your overall carbon footprint can help future generations have a cleaner and better world to live in for years to come. Plus, reducing the amount of energy you use through technological and home improvements, can help improve your energy costs and overall health. Here we look at some easy ways you can improve your home’s efficiency.

Installing Solar Panels

The most attractive reason to improve your home’s energy efficiency is the potential for overall cost savings. One of the best ways to improve energy costs is to install solar panels on your home. While there are initial up front costs that may make some people hesitant, the cost savings of up to40% on your monthly household energy bill will truly be worth the upgrade.

New Insulation

One way to help keep your home comfortable year-round is to install insulation in your attic and basement. Plus, if you have older windows and doors, now would be the time to buy newer models that come with quality designs. Insulating your home ensures less energy is spent on your heating and cooling costs that occurs when energy is lost from your home. The less energy you lose, the more comfortable your home will feel and the less money you will be paying to adjust the temperature.

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can help you reduce energy costs, especially in the winter and summer. Let’s face it, people are really bad at turning things off when they are not needed. That’s why you should let a programmable thermostat do all the adjusting for you.

Improving Ventilation

Energy efficiency can also improve your overall health and comfort. Many well insulated spaces have poor ventilation which results in poor air quality and also illness. So, when choosing window and door designs, remember that it is beneficial to install ones that allows for better ventilation, easy controllable air passage, and draft protection.

Water-Saving Features

Installing high efficiency water heaters can really help to drive down costs. Also, by installing energy efficient taps, dishwashers, washing machines, shower heads and toilets, you can help to reduce the amount of water you use and in turn, save money in the long term.

There are many benefits to installing energy efficient features in your home.  Before you plan to design or remodel your home, consider investing in energy efficient design to save money and make your home more durable and comfortable.

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