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Energy-Saving Strategies for Homeowners


Although cooler seasons brings their own set of beauty and excitement, it is also the beginning of higher gas bills. There are many ways you can keep your gas bills under control in the colder months, but it does require some attention to details. Here are 5 ways to reduce your gas bill:

Wear a sweater

Just like your mother always told you when you were growing up, if you’re cold put on a sweater. Having your thermostat set to a reasonably low temperature will save you tons of money in gas. Put on layers to keep yourself warm and you will notice a big difference in your monthly bills.

Program your thermostat to be lower at night and when you are away

We generally sleep better in cooler temperatures, so turn the thermostat down an extra few degrees at night time. Rely on blankets to keep you cozy warm while you sleep. It’s also important to remember to turn your thermostat down when you will be away from the house. There is no use paying to have a toasty warm house when you are away for the weekend.

Have your furnace cleaned and tuned-up annually

A healthy and clean furnace will always run better and more efficiently. Keep your furnace in tip top condition and it will sure to function at its top efficiency when you need it the most. It’s also important to change your furnace filter monthly to ensure the highest level of clean. Schedule furnace maintenance services in advance to make sure you are on schedule. 

Reduce hot water use

This may not be as intuitive as turning down the thermostat. It costs quite a bit of gas to constantly have your hot water tank full and ready to dispense. The faster you drain your hot water tank the more gas is required to keep it full. Be mindful of your hot water use and the replenishing won’t be as expensive.

Let sunshine in south windows

Open the curtains on any south facing windows and let the natural heat from the sun warm up your rooms. Similarly to closing these curtains in the summer to keep the house cool, the exposed windows will do a splendid job of heating their rooms if you let the sun shine in.

We all deserve to be warm and comfortable when cold weather hits, but we also deserve manageable gas bills. Find the comfortable balance that works right for you!