Fuel Efficiency

North America’s Most Fuel-Efficient Vehicles


Science and technology has made leaps and bounds in developing new, highly fuel efficient road vehicles in recent years. With the ongoing trend of eco-friendliness, car manufacturers are working hard to modernize and update their products, and new competitors are entering the fray. Therefore, there are more options available to prospective drivers than ever before. Here are some of the most fuel-efficient vehicles available to North Americans.

Volkswagen Jetta

One of the best selling Volkswagen vehicles on the market, the Jetta boasts incredible mileage at 9.5L/100km in cities and 6.9L/100km on highways. Highly fuel efficient and reliable, this four-door sedan is also roomier and more comfortable than other vehicles in its price range, and offers a tremendously smooth ride compared to other compact sedans. As a result, it is hugely popular and commonplace, and is highly economical to drive for years to come.

Toyota Prius

A top favorite amongst environmentally minded individuals, the Toyota Prius is one of the most popular and fuel-efficient vehicles currently available on the market. With filling-up costs equal to less than $800 CAD annually, this compact eco-friendly ride provides a real bang for your buck. It is capable of 4.6L/100km city and 4.9L/100km highway mileage, and a hybrid option is readily available.

Mitsubishi Mirage

One of the most lightweight and economical four-door vehicles available, the Mitsubishi Mirage is anything but an illusion. This subcompact has a wonderful fuel economy and mpg, with 5.9L/100km city and 4.6L/100km highway mileage. The Mirage offers a highly efficient and comfortable ride, with a large rear seat capacity and low power consumption rate culminating in a total weight of merely 895 kg.

Tesla Model S

If you’re seeking super-clean and innovative transportation for a large initial investment but massive savings in the long run, then look no further than the Tesla Model S. Tesla Motors is world-renowned for their line of electric vehicles that provide extremely clean and reliable transportation to eco-friendly drivers. Being entirely battery-powered, fuel costs are nonexistent, making it and other Tesla vehicles the most cost-effective vehicles on the market.

It is important to save money whenever possible, and for many, vehicles bring with them astronomical fuel and maintenance costs. However, by opting for one of the reliable, comfortable, award-winning, and highly fuel-efficient vehicles from this list, you’ll be more capable than ever of cutting costs and living without fuel-related financial stress. Available at varying starting prices, there is an economical solution here for every budget.

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