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How a Good Quality Roof Can Boost Energy Efficiency


With increasing planetary climate issues and ever-rising energy costs, it is paramount that your home is operating as green and efficiently as possible. Energy costs are currently reaching ultimate highs which makes investing in alternative ways to improve the efficiency of your home necessary. This call to action will not only reduce your financial expenses, but also contribute to your part in minimizing energy consumption as we globally persevere towards a “greener” Earth. Nearly half of your monthly utility bill on average goes towards the conditioning of the air in your home. Help your AC unit and furnace run as little as possible by investing in a high-quality roof—the first line of defense against the elements.

Standard Roofing

The standard roof is typically comprised of dark shingles. If you were to take an airplane over any populous region, it is evident most houses are covered in black asphalt shingles and they produce a tremendous amount of heat. Suburban rooftops in the scorching sun of mid-summer actually create a phenomenon known as the heat island effect. The black shingles absorb heat at a much higher rate than lighter pigments therefore creating vast suburban heat pockets or islands. This will cause your air conditioner unit to run extremely hard.

Energy Efficient Roofing

Investing in an energy efficient, cool roof can improve your homes energy savings. By simply deciding on a roofing product lighter in color, more heat will reflect off a rooftop rather than be absorbed. Energy efficient roofing materials typically have this solar reflectance property. This reflection of sunlight in the summer can minimize the temperature of a roof by 30% leading to a significant reduction in your energy bill as your air conditioner requires less operating time. Higher quality materials can also withstand ultraviolet radiation much better than standard products thus increasing this life of your roof.

R-Value of Roofing Materials

Having a roof that is properly insulted with high quality, high R-Value materials is one of the best investments you can make for your home. Good insulation accompanied with spacing between the roof and the insulation allows for optimal air flow reducing the chance of moisture buildup. Moisture reduction is one of the biggest contributors to improving the efficiency of a home. Closed cell/open cell spray foam, cellulose or fiberglass are all adequate methods to providing strong insulation value.

Energy efficiency is vital in a time where climate factors and costly utility bills are on the rise. By investing in a good quality roof, not only will you have more money in your pocket each month, you will also be helping a planet in dire need of a reduction in energy consumption. Consult an experienced roofing company in your area to help source the best roof for your efficiency goals and budget.

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